Friday, June 11, 2010


The other day we went to Seaworld. Jace's daughter is visiting from Missouri and this is the best cheapest thing we could come up with. I thought getting a fun pass and passing it on to my friend later would be a great idea until we entered the park and they fingerprint you to keep you from doing just such a thing. So unless Jace's daughter leaves her finger here then I will just have to let it gather dust until she comes down again.

Here we see the ride of terror in the background and couple of pictures of people that are seen more and more frequently as our bad eating habits catch up to us.

This is epic fail. This scares people. Do not ride your scooter while wearing your bathing suit.

Here's Rowan getting onto the Ride O'Terror. It moves about 2 miles per hour. The line to get on moves about -.0000001 miles per hour.

The guy in the blue shirt could not have moved any slower if he was asleep. You think I'm exagerating? There was less than 20 people in line and it took Rowan an hour to go through this ride. I was the smart one who did not get in line for this misery. I think Jace is going to file a complaint about this. I think the guy was angry because he had to work the ride all by himself and he let everyone know. People were begging to be let off this ride. I would've jumped.

There were a lot of kids who looked happy like Rowan. It was in the low 90's with high humidity. Mostly people were running from one shady spot to the next. We decided it was time to go to the water park area. Blessed relief. Jace bought "cokecon candy," as Rowan calls it. Then they left it sitting there till it was a rock hard deflated mass of sugar. Yum!

This is a group of girls that were standing in front of me blocking my view of the wave pool. They only like other that special way.

After I rode the roller coaster I took Rowan to the restroom and saw this sign. I'm guessing it's for the diabetics or heroin junkies. Don't shoot up in the bathroom. Go to the First Aid station.

We saw the Azul show last. We love this show. We missed Shamu's show time and told Rowan he went on vacation. Azul is way better. There's dolphins, beluga whales, acrobats, and birds. She really wanted her picture taken with the parrot acrobat lady.

Though I paint a grim picture of Seaworld, I really like to go there. These are just the quirky things that happen when we are there. I rode a roller coaster and wore my new bathing suit. I think I looked pretty good and no one screamed, "Shamu's escaped, Eek!"

We finished off the night with more sugar. This is my favorite ice cream place. Baskin Robbins, or Robbin Baskets as Rowan calls it. We think Rowan needs therapy because she asked us approximately 123 times if we were really stopping for ice cream on the way home. "Aagh! Rowan stop nagging us. You are having a big mouth and making bad choices!" *Sigh* Good times.

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