Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring is Boring

At least this week spring is boring. There's just not much of anything exciting happening.

* We finished planting the spring garden. Let's see if I can remember everything that's in there. Corn, lettuce, sunflowers, strawberries, bell peppers, tomatoes, spinach, microgreens, squash, beans, peas, cucumbers, and watermelon. We also added to Rowan's "pink" garden which is a garden with only pink flowers, her favorite color.

* I got my closet cleaned out and managed to organize all my crosstitch items in a big tackle box. I was really happy to find out I had so much stuff and dismayed to find out I had so much stuff. Lots of duplicate things. Still lots of room in the tackle box for more things. Also found the rest of my Lavender and Lace patterns I found on clearance a few years back. Still have 5 never opened.

* I've become a huge fan of reading books on the itouch. Also been listening to audio books while I work on crosstitch.

* I've gotten very far behind in coupons, which is easy to do and happens quickly. Organized them today but I'm still 4 weeks behind and might have to just forward them in a mail coupon train. Sometimes it's better to just start fresh instead of trying to catch up.

* Jace has been trying to keep me entertained and laughing but frankly I think this week is a dud. Maybe next week will improve. I'll keep you posted if anything interesting happens, like I paint my toenails or something.

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  1. Have you found any interesting podcasts? Congrats on your garden:) I'm caught up on coupons but way behind in my garden. Such is life.