Sunday, March 7, 2010

Attacking my closet

Oh when is she going to write another post? What's it been? Like a week, right. Geez, she gets a visitor map and thinks she's a celebrity.

I know I'm slacking. I have 4 posts to go up soon. Since you're so patient I'm giving you a hint:

1. Dave Ramsey Total MoneyMakeover Live (pics)

2. Attack of the closet (pics)

3. Attack of the Dentist (possibly)(absolutely no pics)

4. Caving (spelunking) in Texas...with Rowan (pics)

I can't possibly expand on these without getting myself in trouble because I'm taking a yummy pain medicine. So after #3 is taken care of then all the other posts will fall into place.

I will give myself a deadline of Tuesday.

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