Monday, March 29, 2010

The Day Hike

Yesterday I went on a day hike with my 2 friends. It was probably the most perfect day ever to take a hike. I figured the best way to get over my dog experience was to march into the wilderness and maybe run into an alligator or mountain lion.

We had beautiful wild flowers in full bloom. The colors were so vivid and bright.

This is a picture of my friend and I. Notice this is the beginning of the hike since we are both smiling. Eightish miles later...not so much.

We talked about how an alligator would probably snatch us off this road. And if we had a small dog it would use it's leash for floss.

We also discussed all our doomsday scenarios and how bad the world is. We were going to go home immediately and build bomb shelters and/or run away into the woods so no one could tattoo bar codes or insert microchips in us. I'm pretty sure my other friend is wondering if she'll visit us in the nut house or just forget she ever knew us.

This is another picture of my friend....hee hee

We found this beautiful bright green swamp. Is that algae bloom or sulfanagens?

Here's some strange wildlife. They were bending over and crawling around taking pictures of flowers.

These are some leaf cutter ants. My friend informed me that they are actually farmer ants. We watched them from up in a tree come down the trunk and leave a leaf pile where other ants would come and pick up a leaf and go back to their nest. Repeat. There were also some guard/soldier ants with big pinchers scouting the surrounding area. We were very careful of these.

So that was my big day hike. I'm hoping we'll all go to Big Bend National Park in June.

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