Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snake Farm and Exotic Animals

With Rowan still on Spring Break we went on another adventure today to the Snake Farm and Exotic Animals! I don't think my friend believed me when she texted me to keep Rowan close and I replied that I had her eat bacon before we left. Except that we did eat bacon before we left. I realize this might not be a good idea but at least we skipped the barbecue sauce.

Rowan is still pretty sure we're going to see a dinosaur today. Her Father let her watch Jurassic Park, etc. etc. you get the idea. Going into the snake farm we are immediately surrounded by...snakes. There's some alligators, a big tarantula, and some scorpions. All fatally poisonous.

This guy was very pretty and I can't remember if he had a skull and crossbones on his tag. (That means "deadly", "venomous", "we don't have the antidote")

This one is a little hard to see. His head is in the front and he was moving. He was one of two snakes that were very interested in us. He's a Black Mamba. Like the most poisonous snake in the world. He wants to be my buddy.
There were some very big snakes. They could eat a person. It was very humbling to know that your idea of the food chain is not their idea of the food chain. I'm so happy we ate bacon.

Rowan decided this was a dinosaur. I'm wondering how he feels spending his day watching turtles and snakes.
After fighting our way through a hundred snakes we made it outside. This is where they have big humongous birds. I'm just going to call them parrots because they have colored feathers and I'm not really a bird person.
This is the largest rodent in the world. It's bigger than my dog. Not very exciting.

Now we come to the petting zoo/feed the glutton animals. I had to help Rowan get started because she was pretty sure they were going to eat her arm off. Soon she had the flat open hand technique mastered.
This was a funny moment. First, it's the fattest Llama alive. It hogs all the food. The little girl in pink was really mad and told Rowan not to feed it because it stole her whole bag of food. I guess she was sticking around to try and punish it by not letting other kids feed it. Since Rowan does not know the disastrous social ramifications of not following the crowd and just getting on with her life, she fed the Llama and giggled because his lips were so tickly. I can tell you that llamas have really bad breath. Gag.

The pigs and sheep thought her hands tasted really good, which is just wrong. See paragraph one if you don't remember.

Here are some tortoises and I think she was asking them what they were doing there. If they came to see the animals, too.
More birds. This is a peacock being chased on the roof by a turkey.

Now we are leaving the Snake Farm happy and with souvenir buttons with monkeys. There were some monkeys but it was too dark to get pictures. It was a good educational experience to see all the different animals up close. I felt sorry for some of the animals but not the snakes and alligators.
On our way home we stopped at the next animal farm...

And fed the ferocious beast! We also had a nice conversation about how she thinks her dad and her have super hero powers. She won't elaborate since I don't have any super powers and there's some kind of code of silence about it.

We finished the day with giving me a new hairdo. Yes, I'm facing the camera. Beautiful!

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