Monday, March 8, 2010

Cascade Caverns

This week Rowan is on Spring Break. I’m not sure what she really needs a break from. I think it should be more like Parents Week at the Spa. Since she is in preschool I’m wondering if maybe she needs a break from…what, playing? It’s not like she’s slaving over calculus over there.

I decided that since it’s Spring Break and I have some days off from work maybe we should do something and she can go back to school saying she did something. A few weeks ago she brought home a brochure for a place called Cascade Caverns. It’s not far from the house and I think she might like it.

Off we go. We make a stop for the bathroom and a requisite McBrat meal. Only miss one exit and enjoy the scenic drive over there. Stop at the convenience store for the bathroom again.

Once there we get our tickets for the hour guided tour and kill 20 minutes walking around and stopping in the bathroom. Oh boy, the fun is about to start.

I think in my cost this much for the tour. We are the only ones here because no one else is out for Spring Break yet. We’re probably the only people who came in all day, so they’re operating in the negative. I suppose that’s the allure with all things touristy. The high stakes game of raking in the dough or having a slow day.

The tour girl shows up and she’s all, “blah blah blah 119 steps that you’ll have to climb back up on the way out blah blah blah.” We make our way down the steps and into the mouth of the cave. Rowan’s asking where the dinosaur is. The cave is pretty and kind of a cool thing to do if it’s raining and chilly outside. The inside of most caves is in the high 60s.

The tour girl points out many interesting formations and tells us a lot, “duck your heads here.” She was able to show us 2 bats that were itty bitty and so cute. We could have reached out and touched them if we wanted. Apparently they were hibernating but I just knew that at any moment hibernation was going to be over and they would wake up hungry and see me and attack me with their little rabies infested bodies. Rowan asked, “what do they eat?” “Little girls,” said I.

Further into the cave someone had put a fake snake along the path to scare people. The tour girl told Rowan she could have it. That made Rowan and me happy. Now I didn’t have to buy her a souvenir. Every girl’s favorite toy, a fake snake.

Many times along the tour the girl told us how much better this cave was to those other so called nicer caves. In some ways I thought she was apologizing for what the cave seemed to lack in some areas. I didn’t really mind. It was only a day trip. Not even that. It was a half-day day trip. I didn’t have really high expectations. We had a good time.

We drove home in traffic. Rowan kept asking, “Daddy are we home? Where are we? Where are we?” “We’re on our way to the Home for Little Girls Who Won’t Be Quiet, Rowan.” That caused a snake to be thrown to the front of the car. Jace says, “Rowan, stop throwing snakes at your mother.” I think this is hilarious. Do you ever think you’ll be saying something like that to your kid? Only in our family.

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