Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update: Wall Street Journal

I’m realizing that I will have to start tagging these posts because I’m starting to have updates to those said events. This is one such update. I will hunt around and see if I can find my first post about it. The IT is my post about the Wall Street Journal. More specifically, me doing an interview about couponing.

This was put on the back burner because I didn’t really know where this interview/article was going. Today I received a call from the newspaper reporter man (while I was out couponing no less). The article is moving forward and is now in the editing stages. As he put it, “it’s been sent to New York and is getting edited.” In the age of instant gratification this process of getting a story from start to printed is really slow.

He needs a few more things. Pictures. Not really pictures of me, but they would help the story because people like looking at pictures of people. He says he understands the need for privacy if I don’t want my picture in a nationally/worldwide known newspaper. I can’t really envision myself as a celebrity and don’t really think I will be getting pointed out in the store and being asked for an autograph. More importantly he needs pictures of my pantry/stockpile items.

Today I arranged as much as I could and figured I might as well post the pics here, too. I’m not sure if my picture will end up in the article. I confess I do have a fear of my picture in the paper. It’s more the opposite of celebrity. What if it angers people that I have extra? What if they say I shouldn’t have extra because I should be sending it to Haiti?

Luckily the mailman came to my rescue. He brought me a letter of “Thank You for all the loot” from the Hays Caldwell Women’s Center. I like giving to them because they are helping people who have barely escaped an abusive home with their life and have nothing else. I feel my donation won’t be misused.

All in all this was a good exercise to see what I do have. The stockpile is nowhere near where it could be. It’s actually rather modest. So modest that it won’t provide the shock and awe the newspaper is probably looking for.

I also have one serious question left. Why do I have 18 shampoos and conditioners and 12 deodorants? Guess it’s time for another donation.

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