Friday, February 26, 2010

RVing For Life

First, I just want to say that it’s so windy here I had to bring the dog in before he blew away like a little chiweenie kite. (He’s a chiweenie)

Today I had a realization. I’m kind of staggering around because it’s an idea Jace and I have tossed around but thought it was something far, far away.

I guess you need a tiny bit of background. We used to live in Colorado, about 5 years ago. We decided to come back to Texas because we still had some brain cells that weren’t fried by the heat. We like it here except the heat. It’s become a life of 6 months indoors because it’s too hot to do anything else. I can stand the heat most days but Jace cannot and what kind of fun is that when you’re by yourself?

We embarked on a goal of paying off our bills and then moving north or living in the fridge. Then we started toying with the idea of RV’ing. First it was just a camper. Then it became looking at houses online in Montana. Then it was house and camper and Montana. Last May we took a trip to Yosemite National Park and we were sold. We probably would have lived in a giant sequoia if they would have let us. We also became pen pals with a lady we met there. (totally irrelevant, I know)

Now the dream is Montana, maybe, or somewhere Northwestern. We’re now talking about the big RV. The big bus wooly mammoth RV. Today I went to the library and checked out books on RV life. So the research end of this big dream is starting to kick in gear.

I show Jace the books I got and then my brain popped. It was the moment when my nerdy numerical brain calculator went into overdrive and remembered something I did earlier today. I paid a bill. But now I suddenly realize we paid “X” amount on that bill, which we can do every month, and figuring out the other bills and interest rates we can have our bills paid off in about 2 years not 5. Which means the RV’ing thing is now zooming fast forward and I don’t even know how to open the door to get in one. I haven’t a clue about on the road medical care. Can you cook while it’s moving? How will I get my Sleep Number to fit? Yes, I have gone camping for you ninnies out there who say I’m getting myself into big trouble. There’s just a whole lotta details Jace and I have to work out. Plus the excitement of adventure and perfecting our evil laugh as we drive off into the sunset yelling “Suckas!”

I figured this was as good a place as any to blab about it and say that I’m feeling just a tad overwhelmed right now. I know it will all work out because I’m the master of making a square peg fit in a round hole. Try, try, try again and if that doesn’t work get a hammer and make it work. Oh, and by the way, this blog will be changing in a few years to a blog about 2 old people with their nagging daughter traveling around the U.S.

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