Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Come on in, the water's fine...

This is the time of year that I hate the most. The long dragging of winter. For us it's an endless gray sky that's just cold enough to be uncomfortable when staying outside for very long. This is not a good time of year for us midlifer-crises-ers. It feels like so much wasted time.

But never fear, there is always something going on around here. Today I thought I would catch you up on what we/I do while languishing my youth away inside the house. First, we see...
A high stakes game of Cootie going on with drinking! There's probably some gambling of candy and tickles, too.
Recently I told you I had started to learn how to knit. This is a great activity for someone who is..."german" as Jace says...I can't help it if I have the ability to see things in numbers and lines (like Nemo from the Matrix...or is it Neo) Anyway, the big secret of knitting design is a graph design with symbols in each square for each particular stitch. Beginner knitting consists of blank squares or squares with dots. After figuring this out I began to imagine different designs and now I need graph paper to plot/draw out some designs.
Right now I'm knitting a scarf for Rowan so she'll get off my back because she's so sweet. It's a scarf using only a pearl stitch, some old yarn I had, and plenty of HGTV. Knitting is a great hobby if you are wanting to have a hobby that is inexpensive and takes a lot of time.

Speaking of husband, who must be an alien, mentioned he wanted to start scrapbooking some things he and Rowan are doing. I will fully support this even though I have absolutely no interest in scrapbooking. I just find it interesting to see the things he's interested in.

When the days are cold and I am wandering around the house bad idea, I get creative ideas. I was strolling past the kitchen rack thing and it dawned on me that I have some 'S' hooks. So I found most of them and hung them up. I need more hooks. This is a super space saver. In a small house every inch counts. Oh, and I also decided to repaint the front door this spring.
I've set the keyboard back up and now it is receiving lots of attention. The site is a very nice site for getting sheet music and they even have some free stuff you can print or save on your computer. It's for all different instruments. Jace is playing guitar and we hope to soon be singing an "I've got you babe" duet.

I'm still jogging. Up to 1.75 miles today. I did learn that I can only improve distance/speed in very small increments. Otherwise my body gets very upset at me.

Hope to have some interesting things to post soon. With winter it's questionable.

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  1. Just wait til the yarn gremlin strikes! Before you know it, you will have a yarn stash that grows faster than a petri dish full of staph. If that happens, there's a podcast for you. 'StashAndBurn.Com' Good luck!