Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hair Candy Part 2

It’s five-thirty in the afternoon and I’m ready to go to sleep. I’m soooo tired. And alive. I’m still alive. So is Rowan.

I last left off with trepidation about taking Rowan with me to the hair salon. I gritted my teeth and blocked out the voice in my head that said, “cancel your appointment, stupid.” Got my directions off the ever reliable MapQuest (this will be an issue later), got dressed, got Rowan’s arsenal of things to keep her busy, and went out the door.

We made it to the place, an hour away, without any trouble. Besides me telling Rowan that I couldn’t talk because I was driving and I couldn’t do both at once. I really wanted to listen to the radio. So far so good. I also had the bribe in place and working. You’ll find out soon what that is.

The girl seated me right away. Nice comfy chairs. A little pretentious. It’s a hair place in a strip mall, it can’t get too fancy. Rowan of course did not want to watch her movie because there was too many new, interesting things going on around her. She did sit still. The girl held some piece of paper next to my hair (lunch receipt?) and told me my hair was between a 7 and 8, whatever that means. We discussed what I wanted and what she was actually going to do. The compromise was that she could do whatever she wanted as long as she covered the gray.

Now was the long 2 hour process of painting my hair with blue stuff and wrapping it in aluminum foil. Rowan did well during this part. Once my hair was all packaged up I asked Rowan if she liked my new hairstyle. She said yes. She’s a good liar. She also said into thin air, “I wish I was older and could get MY hair done.” You did Rowan, when you chopped it all off. Remember? Hmph. Finally it was time to wash/rinse/condition my hair. This is where Rowan started to come undone. Of course my head is in a sink and now she wants to wander. I think the girl could feel my anxiety as she rapidly washed and rinsed. Once done I bolted out of the seat, “Rowan get over here!” She instantly reappeared but I think she had been in and out of their bathroom, nail room, and massage room. Back in my chair the girl says all she needs to do is dry my hair. I tell her she better step on it because we’re at the end of the line I can tell you that right now. Another warning to Rowan and promises of splendid fun if she’ll sit still. Can’t that blow dryer blow any faster? And we’re done. The gray is colored and I have highlights. No, I don’t have pictures because I wasn’t wearing makeup and that’s just the way it is.

Out the door we go! Yea! We made it through the horror. We are now off to find Big Top Candy Shop. Sounds like a marvelous place. I’ve heard about it and saw pictures. A child’s dream candy store. I follow my fabulous Mapquest directions and only have to turn around once for missing an exit because Mapquest thinks the exit is really named This instead of That. We made it to downtown. Things go bad here and I would’ve just given up and gone home except that I promised Rowan. The city failed to notify Mapquest of the big fat detour. Thankfully I’ve been blessed with a pretty good directional sense and I managed to get us on the right street. After 5 minutes I’m still not seeing the place and the neighborhood is getting not so candy like. I think it’s time to turn around and drive like idiot slow people and just cause a traffic jam because I’m not leaving this city till my little monster angel daughter gets her piece of…THERE IT IS. I see it. It’s on the other side of the street. What to do what to do. Turn around turn around. Haha I got a green light. And we’re HERE!

And now we’re home and I’m done. Lesson learned. Check the school schedule before making appointments.

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