Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hair Candy Part 1

This is a pre story.

This morning I hid under the covers as long as I possibly could. The monster was up and pacing around the house. Finally it smelled my fear and came to the room. I shivered knowing what was coming.

“Teeko teeko teeko Momma. Get up!”

Boo. I rose with heaviness of heart. I have a battle to face through my own fault. It is questionable that I’ll live. Here’s what happened…

Yesterday I made a hair appointment, which as a mom never happens because there’s only a million things to get done every day. After I made this appointment I sent out a smug tweet like “haha you peasants I’m getting my hair done.”

After Rowan got home from school I looked in her folder and heard my voice saying in slow motion “N o o o o o o.” I had completely forgot that today is a parent teacher conference day and she has no school today. Which means she’ll have to go with me while I get my hair done.

I have extreme angst about this. Rowan is decently behaved but there are those days when I wonder if I’ll need some sturdy rope and a good gag. Is today one of those days? I don’t know yet. But I’m looking at being in a hair salon for 2 hours and I have to make sure she’s not destroying the place, bothering other people, or swallowing hair color all while I have to stay sitting in a chair.

I have plenty of bribes and pleading planned. If that fails, I know there’s got to be a few bars around the area that might have a drive-thru. I’m just hoping my new hair style doesn’t resemble something like me having pulled most of it out.

I’ll be back later with the ending…

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