Friday, February 5, 2010

Hodge Podge of Everyday Stuff

As per usual I have a hodge podge of pictures going on. Oh where oh where can my black boots be? Maybe this biker chick in her princess t-shirt can tell me.

Today was loads of fun. Jace and I have a choice when it comes to having a hot date. We can go out for dinner and a movie while Rowan is at school. Or we can go shopping! We like going shopping more. We had our hot date today at Hobby Lobby and Goodwill. This is fun because we can giggle in the aisles and make silly faces. We were going down one aisle and Jace picked up this urn looking thing and he said, "hey, we could put our coffee in this." I of course said, "yes, right next to pappy's ashes." We don't really know anyone named pappy. And then we laughed and scared the girl in the next aisle.
At Hobby Lobby I saw lots of big glass jars and vases. I want some to put yarn in. The best price I can get is $30. Jace said we should go look at Goodwill. Happily we found this jar for $3.99.

In another post I wrote about Jace taking up scrapbooking. I found a 40% off coupon and this is what he picked out. It's a scrapbooking kit and some other little scrapbooking accessories.
This is my new war club. Actually it's a present from Jace. He got me this garden globe with decorative iron. This is heavy. I could kill someone with this, or stab myself in the foot.
Lastly, I received a gift from my archnemesis. It's a child disciplinary tool. Actually it's a nostapinne. That's a big Scandinavian word for something that will make a nice center pull ball of yarn. This one is made out of "Amboyna Burl. It's rare and caused by a virus in the wood. It makes a prego bump on the amboyna tree." This is what she told me. Virus in the wood! You see how she is trying to bump me off again. I touch the nostipinne and catch a virus and keel over covered in yarn balls. I still love it. And it has little stars because she knows I'm a big fan of Wonder Woman.
And this is a present from God. The first butterfly this year. It was in love with our winter honeysuckle because it's blooming right now. I'm hoping spring is not far away. Jace is pouring over seed catalogs right now. Sigh...we'll need more gardening areas.

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