Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Big Snow Day

Today it snowed. Not that much. Not all at once. But it was definitely snow. I did some video but I haven’t looked at it yet to see if it turned out well. It’s hard to determine if snow falling against a gray sky will look good on video. My guess is not, but I wanted to preserve it just in case I got lucky.

There really hasn’t been too many big things going on around here. I did stumble across this wet floor sign. That floor knows me so well.

Mostly I have been working on my crafting space. I haven’t been able to work on any crafts because I’m still cleaning out the closets to stock the crafting area with all the stuff I had jammed in different closets. Of course there’s the throw away pile and the I’m not sure if I should throw this away pile. Emotional attachment and trying to figure out if something is good enough to keep, or will I use it for something else, is time consuming.

Jace is using the space. He’s a much better scrap booker than I am. Seriously, the dude can scrapbook. I look at a page I did and it still feels like 1990’s scrap booking. Jace’s page looks like a scrapbook page should look. Sigh. It’s hard to realize he’s craftier at something than I am. No I don’t have pride. And yes, I can hear you laughing about that.

I also came across his idea of creativity. Why didn’t I think of this? He put a 2 ounce candle in this decorative tin watering can. Very cute.

Today I’m making some potato soup to celebrate the snow. This is a big occasion. I’m sure the weatherman will tell everyone this is a record of some sort. I’m also letting Onslo our dog roam all over the house. Don’t tell Jace. He is certain if the dog crosses this invisible line then the dog just wants to pee on everything. Not true. But I am keeping all the doors shut and a close eye on him. I really don’t want to explain why I’m cleaning up dog pee. Dog, if you pee you’re going outside and you’ll have to walk through 5 feet of snow for 15 miles to get back in this house!

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