Thursday, November 26, 2009

This is supposed to be quick and rambling

I only have a minute to jot down the flurry snowstorm in my head right now. I'm thinking if I do this then I will get it all out and be able to relax and fall asleep (fat chance) <-My inner voice by the way.

The other day I really really wanted to write a post about my dental history. I was raging mad and should have sat down and typed it right then. But my OCD/German side wouldn't let me until I had posted the one about Gruene. Must keep it in order. But that's lousy because you can't type in the heat of the moment if you have to wait your turn in line. So I missed getting my really righteous anger at the financial guru in the dentist office onto this page. I may get to have another go at it on Monday when I talk to her again. And it's a real rant so I doubt it will fully fall off the perimeter.

My other news, though my inner self is saying "keep it quiet", because it hasn't happened yet, I am supposed to do an interview for WSJ about couponing. That's Wall Street Journal! A few more days before I do that. Jace says he now knows a real celebrity. My dad says "isn't that where they take the biggest hillbilly they can find and twists their words to implicate them in something else?" Yes, Dad. That will be the story of slander and libel against major corporations where the follow up will be a camera crew following you to go see me in the women's prison once shared by Martha Stewart.

Have a great night All!

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