Saturday, November 21, 2009

Elizabeth Arden Red Door...

I showed this pic to my friend who said I had an Elizabeth Arden red door. I'm pretty proud of that door. I painted it myself. It was terribly boring white before. I had sent her the pic to show her the bookcase we had gotten on a shopping trip together. Rowan hasn't tried to climb it yet. A terrible lack of imagination on her part. I guess I have sufficiently dumbed her down with t.v.
This next pic is a close-up of a sign I found at Hobby Lobby for my bathroom. It also has some little knobs on it for hanging a towel or something.
This is a picture of my awesome garden. It is awesome to me because these plants are still living! I can't believe it. It's like they are kryptonite plants or something. I have even had to thin them out and transplant some to other areas. I may actually have to eat something I've grown.
This is the newest baby project I've started. I say 'baby' project meaning it's still in its' infancy. We are remodeling our kitchen. By ourselves. We're doing this because we're crazy. Or we think we have more craftsman ability than we really do. To me it's just a matter of math. If we do it ourselves then it costs an insanely amount less. This pic is the glass tile backsplash.
Yesterday while I was at work Jace decided to push forward and remove the first old cabinet and put in the new one. He did a great job. And he did the countertop. It's fantastic. I chose this corner of the room to start in as our "experimental corner." Meaning we could mess up and redo or change or whatever and it wouldn't become an obstacle in the normal working of the kitchen. So I have a few brain cells in knowing that it would be a nightmare if we had tried to do the whole kitchen at once. I have decided we will do the whole kitchen like this, one area at a time, and then when we get to the long section with the sink we will be very confident and efficient. At least that's the plan. So the picture is the new cabinet on the left and the old cabinet on the right. The space between is where my refridgerator used to be. It's on the other side of the room now but isn't in the way. It's fine really.
Oh I love this picture. I'm showing you what the tile is replacing...It's like plum, cherry, grape, barf wall paper. It's soooo....80's early 90's? What does this wallpaper say...something like "country cheerful." This makes sense because there was a lot of that country blue color when we moved in. Happily it is going away. My style is more sleek, modern lines in warm colors. Not too industrial. Neat.
My other ongoing project, thanks to my evil friend who made think this was a great idea, is the cookbook. I'm slow at this because I guess I have certain expectations of how I want it to look and I'm wanting a picture of every recipe I make. Jace and Rowan are getting used to me saying, "you can't eat it until I take a picture of it." They do put up with a lot. Jace made chili and cornbread muffins one night, so this is his pic.
And we have cream cheese cookies.
Lastly this is my huge garden harvest from the other day. Not big but you're not supposed to still be getting tomatos this time of year. No idea what I'm going to do with the peppers but Jace hung them up so I guess they will be dried and then ground up maybe?
Today we're going out to Gruene Market Days. I think it will be interesting. I feel a restaurant review coming on...

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  1. I will warn the residents of Gruene that you are on your way, especially the restaurant owners:)