Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A day out at Gruene

These are some pics I took while out in Gruene. There's a historic house that's been turned into a bed and breakfast. In fact, most of the buildings were once something else like a mill turned restaurant.

This little tourist town is also a big attraction for bikers. To me this seems funny since one doesn't usually imagine that Hell's Angels would be big antiquers. But they come in droves to shop in their leather and bandanas.
These bikes were parked by a tent with 2 men giving a demonstration of a Chapman Stick. This instrument is a blend of the cello and piano..kind of. The group was called Heartstrings. You can listen to a clip of their music here. Now you see why the biker image and this music don't fit the stereotype.
This pic shows a row that you walk down looking at different merchants' wares.
This is one of my most favorite stores to go in...Typsy Gypsy. She has all kinds of eclectic one of a kind things. And cheap. This time it was a super flowery/fluffy/swirly dress for Rowan for $13!! Take that Walmart!
Moving on, I was walking around my yard and saw this plant. The plant looks like a grapevine. The fruit looks like ping pong ball size round watermelon.
These are some pictures of the kitchen cabinets in progress.
The last pic is the cabinets installed. Even as I write this the wallpaper is gone and the wall is painted Antique White. The wall is ready for the tile backsplash. I still have to paint a conditioner on the cabinets and stain them. Also have to do some filler trim and crown molding. Details, details...

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