Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tiny Victory

I found 2 pics from the Celtic Festival on my computer. So I'm posting them right now before they disappear into a black hole. You can click on them to see them larger.

Rowan wanted to get the face painting. "Sure honey, what do you want? A butterfly, a flower, a fairy?" "No, I want the dragon, but pink." So a pink fire breathing dragon it is. Attention any little boys out there: A girl who picks a fire breathing dragon for face painting is probably not going to let you push her around.

The other pic is of me. I hate it when clothes do things to make you look fat. I don't know exactly what I was making a kissy face at. Some sort of fox or dragon with a little fur hat. This is supposed to be very scary to the enemy ( 4 year old girls with pink dragons on their face).

Another character we ran into at the festival was the tree of life. This was a walking talking tree. Very tall and made a big impression on Rowan.

Our next order of business was shopping. This is the real reason to go to a festival. Throwing money at souvenir junk. My list this year includes: little dangly blue bead celtic design earrings, natural cedar/sage soap, penny whistle, windchime, & kettle corn.

One of the activities that I tried was shooting a bow and arrow. How good was I? I did hit the box that the target was on. Mostly, I didn't have one wrist turned out far enough and kept snapping it with the bow string leaving me with a bruised wrist. So fear not burglars, the most damage I could probably do to you is just throwing the bow at you and run screaming in the opposite direction.

Speaking of weapons. I could probably do more damage with the penny whistle I bought. I'm not a gifted musician. I can make a decent screech on the thing that the neighborhood cats all run from with their ears down and a scowl on their faces.

Some activities I did not participate in were the highland games. This involves wearing a kilt and throwing a telephone pole around. Watching them do this I can enision the hernia I would get if I even tried to hold the pole. I'm a weak viking. I also did not get to learn any dances. But this would resemble the penny whistle playing. It was probably best for the safety of the other dancers that I didn't learn how to do this.

I can say that I had a good time and we will go back next year. Jace wants a kilt. He says I need to wait till he finds out his family's colors. I don't think it matters. It's not like some MacFinn guy is going to jump him because of his colors. I told him he was from the clan McFool. I will have to wear some Germanic period costume and then Rowan will have to wear a blend of both. I guess that would be a kilt with a sour look on her face.

So there it is. I managed to write a good descriptive post without all my precious pictures. Hope you liked it.

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