Sunday, December 20, 2009

Short garden post

Today I have allergies. This means that I sit around and whine and moan and feel generally awful and diseased. I can't help it. It is what it is. Jace and I will get an RV one day and find a place...more inhabitable than this...disease infesting allergy producing hole we live in now. Can you tell allergies make me cranky? Anyway...we spent a little time outside and I thought I would show you a couple of pictures. We like little decorations in our garden, like this frog, a lot. We also have a little turtle statue and a small girl with a basket of flowers. I looked up in the trees and counted 9 things hanging out of trees. Things like wind chimes, swirly metal and crystal dangly things, and sparkly strings of flowers. It makes the garden area kind of magical and peaceful for us. We love walking around and finding a little knick knack surprise hidden behind the leaves. Charming.
So while we are stuck here I am constantly bugging Jace to help me with projects that we enjoy and will also always improve on the value of the house. Today's project is all his fault. He bought me a 1/2 cubic yard of tumbled glass. Rowan calls it "jewels." Jace says, "Why, you can hardly even see where it says Rolling Rock or Budweiser on it." Grrr. I think it's beautiful. When you first get it, it is covered with sand and not so shiny. Once it's rinsed and the sun is shining it sparkles. This pic is the little pathway I'm experimenting with. I laid out old cardboard boxes, placed larger river rocks and dumped the "jewels" around.

This is what the path looks like so far. Still covered with a sandy coating. We're only doing a small spot because I don't really know how it will settle once the sand has dissipated and run off.
Afterwards I sprayed lightly with the hose and this is the result. Gorgeous. If there's any significant changes I'll be back with more pictures and what I did. Some other things I like about this stuff is it won't cut you, it's cheap, and it's recycled. That makes me green! (besides the allergies)

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