Monday, December 21, 2009

I was a teacher today!...for a little while

Today I thought I would do nothing. I was starting the prep work for a soup I was planning on making when I noticed Rowan had been playing "school" with her friends. It was all imagination but it was fun listening to her talk to her friends. Then the lightbulb went off in my head. She's got 2 weeks off from school but is playing school right now. We should be doing school work. And of course she was delighted to jump in the car to drive to the school store. This is where they sell teacher/homeschool supplies. On the way there she did this...
Fell asleep. This is because we were behind the slowest driver on earth. No, not my dad, but close. Once at the store I was overwhelmed with the warehouse sized store. What to get? We've been tossing this homeschool idea around since she was born. Mostly it's our fears of not being good enough. But now that she's in preschool it's definitely reinforcing the idea that we should homeschool. Let's just say that I'm not liking the idea of someone not agreeing with how my kid should be raised and does what they want anyway because they think they know better.
Eventually we settled on getting a puzzle of the world, a poster on sign language, a poster of Books of the Bible, 1 workbook on letters and 1 on numbers, a bingo game of letters and numbers, a box set of Kindergarten math and some stickers. When we got home we put together her puzzle, played bingo, worked on tracing numbers, tried matching our hands to the sign language letters, and cooked. It wasn't until later this evening that I thought about what school subjects all that covered. I didn't think we had really done much but now thinking back I realised we covered: World Geography, Language Arts, Math, Foreign Language, Science/home economics. Not bad for an impromptu school session.
This is what we cooked. It's a tomato soup with carrots, celery, and pasta shells. Also some spices. Turned out really yummy. Rowan also had to make corn bread. She's very good at cracking an egg without getting it all over the counter.
We'll see how tomorrow's lesson goes.

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  1. What a great idea! You know how I feel about homeschooling! It's amazing how much you can cover in the course of a day.