Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pointing out a few little changes

Taking a break from Tastebook to read some other blogs and make a couple of tiny changes on my own. This is a great way to improve your own blog. Read someone else's and duplicate (steal) their ideas.

I read Damned Near Perfect Couple yesterday and decided to add a visitor counter. It's a little bit off since I have around 43 posts yet only 3 visitors and 7 followers. Doesn't add up but I didn't want to fudge the beginning visitor number to something that wasn't quite true either (like 10,000,000).

From Shiny Red Houses I started my blog in the color green and today I added my twitter name and email address.

Craftiness taught me about the Amazon store. Caffeine Is Life gave me ideas about picture placement. Carrot Speak lured me to try different templates which all ended in disaster and crying, but I did try.

I'm guessing this is how a blog grows. Slowly and not perfect right out of the gate.

Speaking of progress, I'm paying more of my bills online. Is this because I'm moving along with the pace of technology or trying to be green? No. It's stamps. Those little bits of sticky paper are starting to cost a lot. If I wrote checks for 10 bills, then I'm paying $4.40 just to send them. If you are working on a debt snowball, like us, then this is very important money. We are now paying on bill #10 of 18 bills. Super fantastic! And we have paid off over $4000. All I can say is thank you Dave Ramsey and thank you Lanora for letting me borrow the books!


  1. I love to play around with my blog! I always look forward to reading yours. Having a visitor counter can really give you some good info about when folks visit most often etc. Thanks for your great comments on my blog about Sr. Anne and Tommy Decker. I'm glad it makes you laugh!

    How are the holiday preps coming along?


  2. Hi Julie - thanks for following our blog! Let us know when you're ready to head for Montana and we'll send you our "top ten" places you've got to see!
    1/2 of the Damn Near Perfect Couple