Monday, December 14, 2009

Goodness Me...the time does fly

I hadn't realised how much time had gone by since my last post. One of you really should have told me, "you're slacking." I guess in a way Jace did. He's been noticeably mentioning my blog and questioning me if there was anything new. (I think he's a fan...maybe even stalker)

We did have a conversation about technology in general. I was telling him how technology was supposed to make life easier and more fun. Instead I find it to be more draining and a hassle lately. There's so many sites to belong to just to keep up with everyone else. There's email, or emails, Twitter, Blogspot, Couponmom, Ebay, Etsy, Facebook, MySpace, and myriads of others. It really is a second job just to keep up with all these relaxing and entertaining venues.

And then there's the journal. While I can write most things on this blog there are still some thoughts that are just my own. These things are meant to be read, someday. After I'm gone. I have my mother's diary. I have a published work of another relative's stories. I love reading these and having insight into their lives. One day a descendant of mine will read my stories and say, "she was one crazy lady."

So if you don't see a post for awhile it's because I don't want this blog to become a second job. I want it to be entertaining and fun. I will do another post this week because I do have a few things to write about.

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