Friday, December 18, 2009

Paco, torture, and medicine

Last night Rowan brought me a new bed mate. (?) I'm not sure that is the right word. Apparently she thinks I need company while writing in my journal. She says it's name is Paco...It's a poor creature that belongs to a family of several unfortunate and disfigured dolls.

This particular doll has had her "makeup" redone. At least that is what I'm guessing has happened to her. Luckily her lack of hair is in her favor, unlike the other members of her family who all have one of a kind "designer" haircuts. Awhile back Rowan even gave herself one of these designer haircuts, much to her mother's chagrin. It was a really bad mullet until it was fixed by someone with a LICENSE to cut hair. Anyway, I'm sleeping around with Paco now.

Today I took Rowan to see an ENT for her allergies. I view going to the doctor or dentist as more of a journey of torture where they use instruments like these before giving you a prescription for leeches.
Rowan views going to the doctor like this... I'm telling you she loves it. She will push you down the stairs and run to the car if she finds out she's going to the doctor. And she's really brave once she's there. You can stick stethoscopes, probes in ears and nose and she will happily follow all instructions. A future doctor or hypochondriac? But today we did something new...
She had to get her blood drawn. I was smart (because I'm a mom) and didn't tell her we were going to the lab to get this done. I just told her (lied) that we were getting a cough and sneeze test done. She was...sort of. They drew blood to do an allergy test. She didn't have a clue what was going on until the needle was already in her arm! I was so proud of her (myself) that I didn't have to hold her down while she screamed she was being killed. As a badge of honor she got this swanky lime green bandage wrap. And then we went to...
The McPlayground. Where I always go to "regroup" (caffeine). She ran around for awhile but then her coughing started up again. She figured out she could still sort of walk and play but it's not nearly as much fun as running around full speed.
Before I took her to school we made one last stop to get her medicine. I took a pic because it was such a massive amount of medicine. I guess I should have put something to scale the picture. It's a full size brown paper grocery bag. There's 9, nine, 09 boxes of medicine in there. Holy cow! I even told the clerk, "Are you kidding me? No really.."
So now we are at home and she has taken her medicine (because she likes to take medicine too). I'm working tomorrow so there will probably not be a post. If you need to find me, I'll be, you know, hanging out with Paco.

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