Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Neighbor's Painted Plywood Cut-Out Treasure

A couple of posts ago there was a comment left.  I decided to get the picture proof to show you.  So this is for Will who said about country neighbors, "the slavering curs guarding their garden gnome and painted plywood cut-out "treasure.""

This is obviously some sort of Halloween display.  Want to know where it's located?  Right across the street.  Everytime I look out the door I get to see this.  I think someone's been watching too much Shark Week. 

And guess who else gets to see this?  Rowan.  5 year old Rowan.  Man eating sharks that come out of the ground...right next to her own front yard.


  1. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for the comment over at How to Homemaker. I'm putting those two books on my wish list. I'm always happy when someone gives me a good recommendation.
    Enjoy your day,