Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Good and the Bad...Day 1

Right now I'm chronicling two events for you.  For now they'll be called the Good and the Bad.  They could randomly switch places but I hope the Good doesn't become the Bad because that will probably mean I've injured myself. 

The Good is that I registered to run in the Race for the Cure.  The logo on the right will take you to the donation page for me, if you feel like doing that sort of thing.  When you go over there you'll notice that a big fat $0 has been raised.  I think they should have put the $30 I paid to register as counting towards the goal but whatever.  You'll also notice they take donations as low as $5, which I might have to contribute because I'm not going in with a big fat $0. 

This is my first official race.  It's a 5k, or 3.11 miles.  I've actually run this distance several times by accident.  For some reason I thought a 5k was 3.67 miles.  I'm an overachiever.  So if you donate rest assured that I can actually win finish the darn thing.  I've never actually done the running thing outside either.  I run on my treadmill in the security of my home.  Don't you live in the country?  Yes, I live in the country.  If I were to go running out by my house, I'd be running.  Running for my life!  The Dumb People think living in the country = I need to own 3 or 4 big, hopefully ferocious dogs to guard my land.  Because that's what a bunch of women joggers do, case out the joint to get their hands on your broken-down-lawn-ornament El Camino in the front yard.  Please.

Today I ran a 5k and my time was 50 minutes and 6 seconds.  I'll be running tomorrow and let you know how much I've improved.  Rowan also thinks I should not run this race because, "I might get hot so it's not a good idea."

The Bad is my nose.  Here's where I'm at now.  Had the appointment cleared and ready to go and then the radiology place calls and says they aren't in network, even though they told the doctor's nurse they were.  Now they're not. 

I call the nurse back today and she's all, "huh?"  And it's so weird because yesterday everything was fine.  O.k. she's calling the radiology place back and then she'll call me back.  She calls back and tells me they are out of network and I should call my insurance to try and find out who's in network.

I call my insurance who says the radiology place is out of network.  I ask well who is in network closest to my house so I don't have to drive 70 miles to the one place that I know is in network but trying to avoid because of the 70 mile freaking trip.  He tells me the closest place is the 70 mile one.  Then he reads me my coverage, "unless the facility is further than 30 miles from the residence."  AHA!  The For Sure facility is 35 miles one way from my driveway, residence, so I should get the upgrade to use to the original facility I wanted that's right in my town. 

He tells me that my town is only 24 miles from the 70 Mile facility.  I tell him but my house is 35 miles from the 70 Mile facility and he just said anything over 30 miles from a person's residence.  He's not sure because it's done from Google maps....Apparently it's 24 miles if I go off road, through the woods, streams, and cattle ranches instead driving on a state approved highway.

So now I'm waiting till Google decides where I live and which facility I'm supposed to use.  So instead of going to the facility by my house for a 5 minute procedure this morning, I'm still waiting to find out how to use my coverage I've paid all year for...

To Be Continued....


  1. Yet again, insurance company's prove to be a douche academy.
    Totally understand your assessment of rural jogging; it would be idealic if not for the slavering curs guarding their garden gnome and painted plywood cut-out "treasure."

  2. Burke, you are a fellow country hater in the places that it matters. Garden gnome..haven't seen one. But across the road there's some story trying to get out...a wood cutout of a boy standing on an icechest. He's next to a boat flipped up and one wood cutout hanging on to the end and the other wood cutout getting the beer out of the boat?