Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Henna My Hair


The other day there were these gray hairs peeking out at me.  What to do? 

I saw a lady with raging red hair and it was beautiful.  Not for me but still an awesome color.  I told her.  That led to a conversation and my journey into henna.

The only really bad review I found was something about all your hair falling out preceeded by the sounds "sizzle and pop."  That was hardly going to deter me.  I need something way worse like "head fell off." 

Now where to get it.  The flaming red haired lady told me she had to order it off Amazon because they don't sell it at the Sally's anymore.  Fine, I look on Amazon for 2 days before finally deciding.  I order.

Two days later I'm in the local health food geek store and what do I see...the same henna hair color I had ordered from Amazon...cheaper.  So you know what I did.  I bought some more.  This time I had a chance to really study the box and make an informed decision.  The store had several brands of natural hair coloring, who knew? 
This is the brand that I chose but I picked Swedish Blonde.  Turns out henna comes in a variety of colors.

Now you're asking how does it work?  The short version is that it's temporary, coats the hair with this new color instead of stripping the old color and replacing it with a new color through chemicals. 

I'm not sure about the old stories of henna.  Like the sizzle pop stories.  The brand I bought has been making it for 10 years and almost all of the ingredients are from organic farming.  It's made mostly of essential oils and plant extracts. 

I asked Jace what he thought.  He asked if I was from Sweden.  He said I didn't really look like the girl on the box, and for that matter he didn't resemble the guy on the box with a cinnamon bun on his head.  All this means is he likes it.  What do you think?

*on a side note:  I've been busy crafting stuff for a festival which is why the posts are not here so much.


  1. It looks natural and nice. I'm also glad you didn't hear that sizzling Now I have never ever heard about that from henna.

  2. I've only ever heard good stuff about henna. I use the evil chemicals because my grays are no where near as fashionable as the lady from What not To Wear. Then again, I don't like her much (meanie) so I don't really like her stripe...