Friday, October 29, 2010

The Good The Bad And The Ugly...Day 2

The Good is that I made it back onto the dreadmill for another 5k.  I managed to shave off almost 3 minutes from yesterday's time.  The little training books say I'm supposed to take a day off now. I guess I'l be back running on Sunday.  I can say that my friend said pain is weakness leaving the body.  I really thought the pain would be in my stomach, since that's where the weakness is.  For me it' in the hip and outter leg areas.  I'm using an all natural remedy to see if it helps. 

The Bad was not heard from today.  I know that this is their surgery day.  I didn't expect to get a phone call.  They won't be happy on Monday.

The Ugly was 07:13 this morning.  Thank you Rowan.  07:14 she starts nagging to take a bath.  07:14:30 Rowan is being told how I haven't even had coffee and she's already nagging me and we aren't taking no freaking bath till after I get some coffee.  07:15  BooHooHoo  as she runs to her room.  I'm thinking the voodoo doll won't work as well when they are slobbery wet with self -entitled tears. 

She returns within a minute, composed, and ready to join in family participation. 

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