Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I think I can safely say that most of us have been ridiculously busy this summer.  I started my new business with my friends and it is still something I can have a passion for even after 107 degrees and a tornado warning.  It is fun to watch it grow and shape into something more than I ever thought it could be. 

Some of us were mad scientists creating horrors too scary to look at.  Rowan found out that she loves to craft something, anything right next to mom and dad.  All t.v. watching has become pretty much non existent.  She also has some gymnastic talent I'm contemplating.  Most 4 year olds aren't doing back flips off the bed, right?  She is.  All she needs is a balance beam.

This one of those rare, I can't believe the pic came out this good, moments.  I used a lot of zoom and stood far, far away.  No one wants to kill it because it's a momma spider.  We've also seen her in action and she is a professional killer.  One false move and it's all over.  Mostly, she's very pretty big huge and we're too chicken to squish her.  She keeps out all the big insects, so she can stay put in my book.

This is the momma spider's 13 trillion eggs in there. 
She will probably release them as I'm trying to leave for work in the dark. 
 This way I can get to work looking like I have
 lice or will be practicing for my role in a B horror movie.                                                                                          
I understand their part but I still get the heebie jeebies.  Moving on...

Out in the Garden there are lots of rocks and little nooks and corners to gather in or ponder big questions.  We let strange cats come on over, too.  They don't stick around for too long.  It gets too hot, there's no food.  Nag      
Now, we're approaching the pets that belong to us.  Here are the goldfish.  Happy as a fish can be.  There isn't a butterfly swimming with them.  Rowan got a hold of some butterfly stickers and decorated the tank.

Mostly this post is about Him.  Him is named Onslo.  Onslo is a chiweenie.  When you google pics of chiweenies they are varied as night and day.  I like to think he has a forever baby look on his face.

He had been getting a little more gamey lately.  He seemed depressed.  There's not a lot of White Fang gangs he could run with. 

So Jace said, "I'll allow that we need another dog to keep Onslo company."  I heard, "Julie you can go get another dog any kind you want."

So unbeknownst to us all:  He can train fast, loves to sleep, only wants to pee on paper, and takes his important business outside.  He's also showing his manlyness in getting to keep all his toys.  I'll be posting lots of pics here and on Facebook.


  1. Another dog! You are a brave girl. Hope he fits in well!

    And that spider can't be real! Is it? Really? Because it is soooo gross and looks like a toy!

  2. Tracey- Remember the movies where they go live on an island and everything is miniature? Out in the country everything is 3 times the normal size. So yes, it's very real. As for another dog, I am brave. I am brave like a chicken and worn out like a rug!