Monday, September 27, 2010


Summer is out.  It's so last season.  Fall is in.

This week I’m working more on hats because there’s a show on Wednesday and another in 3 weeks.

I’m thinking a lot about our vacation. It’s still a long way away (5 ½ months) but it gives my brain something to think about (obsess).

Today I thought I should look for my skis to make sure I still had them and some unnamed husband hadn’t given them to Goodwill. I can’t tell you the number of times he told me I should get rid of them. I have an emotional attachment to them I suppose. They represent happy times and it’s one of those sports that haven’t killed me nor makes me want to kill myself after doing it.

I have found the skis and poles and I know where the boots are at. I’m pretty sure I know where they are.

Bo, the puppy, is still a puppy if not twice the size he was. And I think he’s one of those dogs with….gas. There’s been some nose wrinkling smells and I’m not sure where they are coming from, but Bo always seems to be around. Onslo is not a stinky dog in that way. That’s because he’s wound so tight nothing could escape from his behind. They are getting along great except for the bed and they both want the same bed. Also, Bo has this thing about biting Onslo’s collar and Onslo doesn’t think this is a fun game. So there’s some yapping and I think Onslo would really like to punch Bo in the face sometimes. For the most part they happily coexist and play. But isn’t that what we all aspire to?

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