Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mah Bling!...or how to repurpose a hubcap

The other day on Facebook this guy posted his pics of artwork using hubcaps.  He said he had some extras and I could have one or a billion if I wanted.  I told him one would be fine.  I already knew what I would do with it. 

During the creative process I usually do things from ending to beginning..i.e...all wrong.  You can look in my craft hallway and see the half dead projects strewn about like a once loved stuffed animal, now relegated to the back of the closet. 

I have learned that I do best with short projects, i.e. instant gratification, and I must start them and work till I finish.  It's not uncommon for me to have 5-10 projects swirling in my head, all waiting to take the number one place.  By the way, my laundry is swirling in the dryer and way past done.  Blog, laundry, blog, laundry?  You see the kind of pressure I'm under.

Today I went to Hobby Lobby and got my supplies.  Two bags of glass beads/pebbles/gems and a tube of glue.  Is it the right glue?  Probably not.  It says it will work on glass and plastic and the surface of Mars but it generally means that I have the wrong kind and will forge ahead anyway.  Total cost for my project:  $10 and one donated hubcap.

I got to work right away, after I played with the other things I got at Hobby Lobby.  It was easy, not necessarily fast, but I was done in under 2 hours.  I managed not to glue most of myself together and the pebbles seem to be securely attached. 

I now have a new bling hubcap.  I almost wish I had four of them and could really put them on my car and pimp out my ride.  But Jace says he won't ride with me in the gangsta van.  But Rowan would...if I painted the van Barbie pink. 

Anyway, here's my original vision of how to repurpose a hubcap.  Glue glass pebbles to it, seat it like a paver stone and voila! a new stepping stone in the garden.


  1. How freaking cute is that? And creative! Way to make me feel inadequate again.

  2. It was a choice to blog either the adequate stuff or the inadequate stuff I do. The adequate stuff makes me not take as long to blog. The inadequate would look like War and Peace.