Sunday, September 19, 2010

Museum Day..aka UT Parking: Fail

Today we found out it was Free Museum Day!  There were 30 museums participating so there were lots of choices.  We were very choosy because a) we would have to drive into The City  b) The City has lots of people.  There's a reason we live in the country.  But I decided we should visit one of these everyone else was going to visit them.  We immediately decided not to go to the children's museum because of all the children that would be there.  If you've taken your kid to any McD's playground, you know what I'm talkin bout.  There were lots of great choices but we chose the one with dinosaur and other dead animal bones.

We had a really terrible time trying to find parking.  In fact we gave up and went to eat lunch.  Apparently UT decided to have a broken gate into the parking garage.  All the surrounding parking was reserved for permit F20, whatever that means.  Some brave folks had thought that since it was Sunday and an event OPEN TO THE PUBLIC on a SUNDAY  that it would be ok to park there.  Well, I'm sure they'll be happy when they get back to their car and find that $50 ticket on their windshield (scam for increased revenue).

After eating we decided to make one last go round and we found the only spot available for 2 miles.  Rowan charged up the steps in her purple, pink, orange outfit with matching purple, pink, orange shoes and started barking orders like "line up here.  Blah blah blah."  
Inside we proceeded to the gift shop where all the best fossils are.  We moseyed around, Rowan bounced off the walls looking at all these dinosaurs, and I took pics of all the bones of things.

I liked this one..
Me with the parking situation mentioned above...

I found these dead butterflies pinned to a board very pretty.
Here's Rowan sitting in a boat watching a video about fish but I think she was saying something like, "hi, you come here often?"  She was not watching the fish video...
After this Mom had to be driven to the nearest place of calm and quiet..for icecream.  Here is where Rowan showed her fashion sense by choosing icecream that matches her outfit...she's a weirdo. 

Join us for our next thrilling family day when we...stay at home and watch the grass grow!


  1. Thanks for stopping by! Sounds like you have a little leader there -- in crowd control and fashion/desert trends! :)

  2. Thanks, Will. I really enjoyed reading your blog, too.