Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rantings of An Allergy Head

Today I was miserable.  I am still miserable, but somewhat more bearable.  Jace will probably not agree with that.  I have taken my medicine and Rowan is fast asleep dreaming of karate chopping ninjas while being Princess Aurora on her My Little Pony.

I worked today and was asked to stop by the Super Grocery Store on my way home.  You know the store I'm talking bout.  The one who's entire parking lot plus store is bigger than some towns in Texas.  You (I) debate whether you (I) have enough water for the journey from the car to the store.  Can you (I) make it across the vast wasteland? 

Once in the store I find my items easily.  People stare at me and give me a wide birth.   Doesn't everyone look like this after being woken up at midnight because their (my) nose was swelling shut and my eyes were soon to follow.  Rescue tactics taken and I was back in bed till 4.  Beep beep.  Beep beep.  Yes, Satan's sunrise.  I am up making coffee to throw in my eyes.  I can make it through work.  It's only 12 hours. 

Back at the store.  I was buying things from the organic/healthfood aisle.  I was probably not the healthful picture perfect spokesmodel for said products.  My hideousness probably chose someone's lifelong path down the road to drivethru's. 

I decided to take the scenic route home.  It gives me time to ramble in my head about what I would like to put in a post.  So here's my rambles:

* Tomorrow is the day before school starts.  I am giddy with delight.  More than Rowan.  As a parent you know what this means.  The real vacation is starting for the next week.  Those delightful hours when the cherubs are nagging someone else.  The twilight time before all the intense school activities begin.  This week is golden. 

* I'm hoping to get the bedroom trim and doors painted.  Rowan scribbled on them and they are not art nor do they have any resemblance to Jesus or other miracle figures. 

* My one friend, that I have told you is a pirate, made her first paddling journey today.  Training for a pirate ship?  I've decided my other friend is an assassin.  Details coming...

*  When I got home I found out about the dog's bad deeds for the day.  Do not be surprised if my bedroom has no carpet by this time next week. 

*  I have 14 granny squares done.

*  I can't do anymore with Flylady till my allergies are better.  I may have to go see the favorite doctor ever!  She will put me on steroids.  Steroids make me happy and sing "The Hills are alive with the sound of music."  Then I will clean house...and plot laundry room takeover plans. 

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