Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Day In the Life of a Mad Scientist

Today I'm updating you on what a "typical" day is around here.  Since I started this other business I've learned that if your (my) business is successful you (me) will have tons of work to do.  I've also learned a lot about the packaging supply business, publicity, and working with other business owners.  So right now I spend a lot of time working on recipes and converting recipes using that thing called Math that I swore I would never need and didn't know why I needed to learn it in school.  In college I graduated with a 4.0 in that math junk, which means I can do math in my head and I don't need all my fingers and toes.

   I'm getting better with the hats.  I'm making some more difficult ones and stockpiling some for a craft show. 

At the market these are my two minions assistants.  They work cheap, but then again they run off and play and don't do a whole lot of work.  Just in case, yes she is missing a tooth.  And no, it's not from eating candy and snocones. 

School will be starting soon.  The Cuteness wanted these shoes.  She loves her some bling and if it's pink...I can just see her walking into school with the Saturday Night Fever theme playing.

In the garden, things are pretty much done.  The summer heat is beating everything down.  I did want to show you the variety in tomatos I have.  The one on the left is a Black Krim and the one on the right is some kind of Zebra Stripe (I don't really know because when my friend told me I wasn't really listening and it sounded all blah blah blah to me) 

These were some surprise carrots.  We didn't think they had grown but here they are.

Finally, while everyone else's tomatos are long gone, here's a pic from my garden today.  All the green dots are new tomatos.  I'm hoping they all make it but unless it rains it's not too promising.


  1. You are totally rocking babe! That garden is awesome- carrots? For reals?

    I have come to the conclusion that the soul purpose of your blog is to make me seethe with envy.

    Also, I completely approve of the sneakers.


  2. Sara- It is only with your SuperFine FBI skills that you have figured me out. If they made Twinkle Toes in my size, I would totally wear them. They are rockin...just like me.. :P