Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Then there were tomatos...and soap

Now that tomato season has essentially passed around here, my tomatos are coming in. And in and in and in. Here a pic of one days harvest. The bottom ones are the Black Krim variety. The Roma tomato plant is still acting wild and is now starting to "walk" across the ground...dragging tomatos with it along the way. It's kind of interesting.

A few weeks ago I signed up to help with some free goodies for a craft fair. This was also my lesson in learning to make soap from Jace. I wanted to wear a haz mat suit but it's not really needed.
I took lots of very detailed notes with pictures. We poured out the soap in our make shift soap molds. We don't have real ones because if you look them up on ebay you'll see they cost about $60 for 3 pieces of wood.

After the soap had dried for a few days we took it out of the molds and cut it. I used a pastry tool I found at the store for $3 instead of a "soap cutter," which looks the same at twice the price. Cut easy and smoothe.

I took the soap and wrapped it in wax paper to help protect it for the rest of its' journey to the craft fair.

I secured it with jute twine and included a business card and a paper with a list of ingredients.

And then I did it to a few more bars.....

Till hours later I had all 50 bars done. Tomorrow I'll drop off these bars of natural heaven and I can get back to my laundry umbrella hole of doom...


  1. You make me want to make things.

  2. I want that soap! Great job babe! xoxo

  3. Candance- I'm very very sorry. I know how much you hate making things...heehee

    Sara- You can't have it! I've made another batch which is lemon verbena. You might see that at your house...