Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm Gonna Beat Your Kid Senseless..

That's right. At least that's what one woman in Hobby Lobby would like to think...Shall we start the story?

I was in Hobby Lobby the other day. Almost innocently. They were having a sale on McCall's patterns for $$1.99. Now c'mon, how can I pass that up? For all you non-sewing people these patterns usually run $11.95-$18.95 per pattern.

Even if I don't sew that often, I might. And then when I wanted to I wouldn't have a pattern and then the anguish would set in. I need patterns!

So I'm in Hobby Lobby quietly looking through the McCall's book trying to decide which patterns to pick out of 1000 pages. I found 4 and I'm writing the numbers down. Minding. My. Own. Business.

"If You Don't Behave And Shutup That Lady Over There Is Going To Beat You Senseless!" "!!"... Pause for dramatic effect...However, there was no pause for dramatic effect in the store before my mouth opened...and I looked the lady right in the eye and said nice and loud, "NO." Also throw in the raised eyebrows and the sister slang. And that "lady" then gave ME a dirty look.

I'm sorry, have I completely lost my mind? There are sooo many things wrong with that situation. I thought I would've gotten over it but it still riles me so now I'm blogging it. And now the rant...

Dear Crazy Lady at Hobby Lobby. What is wrong with you? You are a lame parent. Lame lame lame. You are in Hobby Lobby. You have one kid between you and your friend and you still can't control them. I have one kid who would walk across fire if I told them to (and I don't beat them). And you dain to say that I will beat them senseless? I should beat you senseless for trying to make me look like the big mean disciplinarian when I'm minding my own business and I've never even met you or your kid. Your kid, who I was silently wishing would shut up because their lazy parent has never taught them to behave in public. Me, silently wishing, because I learned how to behave in public. I'm mad. Mad, because you are a perfect example of everything that is wrong with kids and parenting these days. Placating, political correctness, afraid to parent, simply don't know how to parent. Me wishing that Candance was there with me, because she knows the evils children will commit. AND you gave me a dirty look? Because I won't conspire with you?

It makes me sad. I wish I could have had the conversation I had with another young mother with that lady. This young mother was lamenting how her housework was in shambles and there wasn't time for her to exercise. I asked what her kids were doing. She said they were in gymnastics and this and that. I said again, "" She didn't understand. So I told her that her household was a business and there was no way she could run it herself. There's a line I take from Shiny Red Houses: You have to do work. It's stuff we don't like to do, that's why it's called work. I told the young mother you make the kids work for you and the gymnastics and other stuff follows. Everything else is a priveledge, not a right. That includes everything except food, shelter, and clothing.

I can say at the end of that conversation the young mother said I had opened her eyes and she realized she was letting her kids live a vacation life and was not preparing them for real life. She said, "how will they know how to wash clothes or clean the floor if I do it for them all the time."

By now you're thinking, "oh poor Rowan..." Well, poor Rowan my foot. Rowan is a spoiled brat. I can prove this as we are night time potty training her and she gets a candy or toy for any night she doesn't pee in her bed. Her aunt just gave her one of those annoying stuffed animals you can change back into a pillow that you order off t.v. We are constantly bombarded with people telling us how happy she is. Her parents love her. They love her enough to try to teach her right, so we don't pass the buck in Hobby Lobby. Rowan is 4 1/2 and she washed the laundry today...


  1. I would have given that lady the look too... geez! We recently had a cookout here and invited everyone and their kids over. One set of parents did nothing to control their 10 & 13 year old boys the entire evening, leaving me to run after them all over this farm the whole time to prevent them from killing my chickens, throwing things at my horses and destroying my house (yes, the cookout was outside but these kids kept finding their way into my house to go through everything I own!) At the end of the evening, I was so fed up and angry that when this set of parents said that we need to do this again, I told them that I didn't think it was a good idea if they brought their children back here. I fumed about it for days as I walked around and cleaned up the messes they made. Never once did those parents even acknowledge that there was an issue... even when I was "yelling" at their children to stop doing XYZ constantly right in front of them! And in fact they were oblivious to the fact that I was so upset about it.

    I've never in my life been so happy to see someone leave our house as I was that night watching their tail lights get dimmer and dimmer down our driveway.

  2. I see bad parents, they are EVERYWHERE!! Truth be told, my darling daughter doesn't do enough work for the payback she receives but, there's ALWAYS room for improvement. Hmmm.... let me see....Whatever I come up with, i will just tell her "Julie said so that's why!" Just passing the buck:P

  3. Awww, that made me feel all special and stuff. Thanks. I probably would've gotten all crazy on her, though and then you would've been embarrassed.

    I'm going on a field trip with Max's class. There are only eight of them, but that's like seven too many for me. I have to go. I don't wanna.