Monday, May 17, 2010

Things I Found Today

I went outside today to look at the wildflowers and plants. They've changed from blues and pinks to yellows and orange. There was also this wild beast that was obviously waiting to eat me up.

Peeking out of one of the squash plants was one of its' flowers with the morning dew.

I decided to go shopping at thrift stores today. I normally don't get very lucky but today was different. I found this beautiful white bill organizer with little black numbers for the days. I think it looks great on my black dresser. The drawer has different size dividers so we'll probably use it as storage for keys and phones. The most interesting part about it was what I found inside. There was a receipt for Schlotzky's from 2007 and a to do list with one of the items saying "check immigration status." I'm sure there's a great story about that.

I stopped in at my most favorite consignment shop, Bada Bling. I hit the $1 sale rack and came out with this shirt, a plain white button down shirt, and some black pants. All in perfect condition.

Not on the dollar rack but still very cool and I couldn't pass up were these shoes. They're Nine West and the sizing was weird. They said 4 1/2 but were really 6 1/2. I consider myself lucky because I usually don't find shoes in my size. Apparently women who wear a size 8 love to get rid of their shoes.

Yes! I am an official owner of a pair of overalls. That makes me a real farmer. But these have sparkly things so I may be disqualified from farmer status. I'm definitely going to wear these a lot and I know they are considered very unstylish or chic. But when have I gone with the flow of what is stylish and chic?

Lastly, I found this gorgeous plaque/tile hanging thing with a chicken. I had to get it for my friend the pirate. I call her a pirate because she broke her foot or leg or something and it's much more interesting sounding than klutz. She is also raising some chickens so it fits her.


  1. I love the plain white button-downed shirt;) you hottie you! You had a great day, I'm jealous. See you soon.

  2. Uh, love those shoes, Lady! Also, overalls rock the house and anyone who says they don't is just a hater and jealous cause you have cute overalls.

  3. Craftiness- Just wait till you see me in the overalls, apron and my garden hat. Hottie may not be the word you use. I think Grandma might come to mind.

    Candance- If anyone knows shoes, it's you. Thanks for the vote of approval on the overalls. I wonder if "hick" would be considered an occupation on my tax return...

  4. Love the shoes. And I agree with Candance about the overalls... they are just jealous :-)

  5. Thanks, Want Less! I hope some more people go see your blog. You're doing neat things.

  6. I love those shoes! I want to marry those shoes and have their little shoe babies! Great find and hon? You are looking great! xoxo