Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sometimes a Princess Loses Her Crown

This week has been full of activity and has just flown by. I've been busy playing homesteader/farmer girl, but a catastrophic event took place...

Rowan has great teeth except for one. She's always had great dental checkups, except for biting the dentist. She also had one tooth that was a dud, meaning it was prone to cavities and a big fat pain. Along the way we switched dentists to one she didn't like to bite and it was decided she should get a crown for that tooth since it was going to be 3 or 4 years before she lost it naturally.

She got her crown. A nice, pretty (expensive) crown. It was white on the front so she didn't look like that Jaws character from the old James Bond movie. Did I mention it was expensive? Unfortunately, she did something, we don't know what, and the crown disappeared. Let me tell you it is very unsettling to be sitting around and have your child come up to you with a snaggly grin.

I took her to the dentist on Tuesday so she could miss school, again, and make out with the stuffed animals there. Miss Dr. Dentist said there was no choice but to pull it. We just had to decide how to pull it. Take the liquid medicine and sit around for an hour or get the gas and a shot and pull it 10 minutes later.

Since I am not above bribing Rowan I said, "Rowan can you take the nose medicine (gas) and get your tooth fixed so we can go buy you any toy you want?"

It totally worked. Ten minutes later she was out of there and telling me how her lip was getting bigger and all tingly. We went to Walmart and I was prepared to shell out some serious dough, but I got extremely lucky and she firmly decided she wanted the $20 inflatable swimming pool. It's an awesome pool. It's like laying in a bathtub outside. In fact, there's room for 2 adult people and a child people to lay in it like a bathtub. I know what you're thinking. It's hick. I don't care. I can lay in it and stare at my garden. The sunflower is 6 feet tall and the corn is getting ready to pollinate. Sometimes this is all the rejuvenation a person needs.

This week strawberries were on sale. I wasn't going to pass it up. I bought 4 pounds which is not all that much. I cut up and froze most of them.

I also wanted to try making a pie from scratch. So here's my homemade pie crust with some strawberries.

And here's the finished pie. This morning we ate strawberry pie for breakfast. It was good...

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