Thursday, January 6, 2011

No Impact...Day 4

I got in late last night and didn't want to mess with posting, so here's yesterday's post and there will be another post later before the sun goes'll see.

As promised, here is my bike.  It's  a very laid back ladies' bike.  I feel a bit like the evil neighbor on the Wizard of Oz when I ride it.  I want another basket in the front.  Actually, I wish my little dog would ride in the basket on the back.  That would be cool.

Day 4's challenge was Food.  Specifically to only buy food that is produced locally.  I did well with this.  With careful planning, I can easily make this work for my family.  My farmer's market is open on Tuesdays, so I planned ahead for this challenge by buying food on Tuesday.  There's other local/natural food sources close to where I work that I could practice planning and using more for increased efficiency in this area.

These were the things I found at the market and will eat.  There were some other things that didn't appeal to me.
Starting from the left:  Spinach, Blackberry Preserves, Local Honey, Turnip, Tomatoes.

Grass fed pork pan sausage, Bison Meat, Carrots, Garlic.

Broccoli, Swiss Chard, Collard Greens, Pecans, and Eggs.

I don't have a local source for milk yet and that's something we aren't going to give up.  Looks like I'll be doing some more investigating.  I found there's really an abundance of local food if I take the time to look around.  The grocery store really "blinds" you to all the other possibilities out there for food sources.  

The last thing I did was go to the local meetup I organized.  I brought my own cup and they were happy to prepare my mocha and put it in there.  We don't grow coffee locally but I thought I was doing pretty good by buying from a local business, that offered it's space for the meetup, and I used my own cup.  I also have my own silverware in my purse now.  That really made me aware of how much I hate using restaurant utensils.  I think I will continue this practice.

The meetup was very successful.  I found out there's a lot of people that are very resourceful in my town.  There's a couple that want to grow a garden on their roof and see if they can get other buildings to join in.  Another family is partially solar and collects all their rain water.  One man has learned and lives low impact and only lives one street away from me. 

Things we accomplished was getting to know each other and making a plan for the next meetup.  We're going to do a trade day.  We'll promote it and invite people to bring their items they don't use, but are still in good condition, that they would like to trade or give away.  Everyone really liked this idea.  It keeps it in the community and out of the landfill.  I like Goodwill and Salvation Army but you never know where your stuff goes.  I'd like to try this as a step before I drop things off for donation.  We'll also have a small amount of time to bring up "Needs."  This will address things people need or need to have done and what they are willing to trade for it or the possibility that someone might have the item in need to lend or give.  

Day 5's challenge is energy.  I'll have another post before the sun goes down! 

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