Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hideous Mind Blowing Terrors...or 7 Days of Posts

If you follow with even the slightest smidge of interest then you know I am participating in No Impact Week.  It's a 7 day countdown of reducing waste and consumption.  It's not an all or nothing, just adapted to fit my life right now.  One part of the project is to blog about how it's going, the good and the bad, and to post every day.  So this I will be doing. 

Today's challenge is Consumption.  Starting today I'm not to buy anything new except food.  It's ok for me to buy second hand or thrift stores.  I can also get an item through trade or gifting. 

Jace and Rowan are not "official" participants, which means they get to cheat whenever they want.  Like today.  I planned to take my bike with me to the store and Jace was tuning it up a little and says I need a grease gun.  Except I can't buy one, I remind him.  So he might bring home a grease gun...thing.  I will try to make him wait till next week when this is over.  I'm pretty certain the bike will hold up for a week without it.

I did go to the store by van and by bike.  This is a compromise I have worked out.  I live 8 miles from the edge of town.  The roads are little more hilly than I can manage with my weak chicken legs.  I decided to park at the edge of town and ride my bike to the store and back. 

I did buy only food and as luck would have it I found a couple of freebie cards and a $25 gift card to the grocery store in my wallet that I had forgotten about.  Score! 

My evaluation of today is that shopping was more of an experience for me.  I wasn't negotiating for a parking place.  In fact, I got to park closest to the door, practically in the store.  I also would never have gotten the chance to speak to the bum nice gentlemen who wanted to know if he could buy my bike. 

Tomorrow's challenge:  Trash


  1. I wish we lived on a road that was safer for bicycles so that I could get to the store and back. Kudos to you for working out a transportation compromise :-)

  2. Good for you! I am NOT a biker and cannot imagine biking BACK from the store with my food in tow... Good luck on your endeavor!

  3. I need to replace my tubes and wash my bike. I haven't ridden it in a long time. I always say 'someday'. Maybe someday is tomorrow;p

  4. I'm hoping to run into the "bike guy." (Not with my van) He's a guy around town who rides with a sort of mobile bike workshop. He'll repair your bike for free if it means you'll ride your bike instead of drive.

    I'll have to put a pic of my bike up. It has twin baskets on the back so I can only get 2 reusable bags worth of groceries at a time.