Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making Butter....mmm

Today I made butter.  I feel very Modern Pioneer.  That's a catchy name.  I just made it up. 

Food is starting to become a real hot button issue.  People are beginning to not like overprocessed items or chemicals in their food.  I know I don't.  As I've become more educated about the things in food, I'm also learning how to change some of the things in my kitchen.  One thing I'm changing is butter.  It's really easy to make and we don't usually eat food drowning in it. 

 To make butter you will need heavy cream, a mixer of some sort, and salt is optional.  I used a food processor and 32 ounces of heavy cream for this batch.  I've also used one of those small food choppers to make smaller amounts.

Simply pour the heavy cream (salt) into your mixer and push the on button.  It will take 5-10 minutes of mixing.  It will first become whipped cream.  Then it will become really whipped cream.

When it becomes butter you'll know it.  It'll suddenly "seize" and look like scrambled eggs sitting in some water.  That water is buttermilk, which can be saved but I pour mine out. 

You'll want to rinse the butter in cool water to make sure all the buttermilk is gone.  This step will help the butter last longer.  

I packed the butter in a small container and pressed down to get all the water out.  This recipe made 1 lb. 2 oz. of real butter.  

It's yummy.  It's fresh.  I know what's in it.  I'll be switching to organic cream next.  You can also use the cream from goat's milk, though it'll be harder to find.  Other options would be to add honey, garlic, or herbs.


  1. Ooo I'd love to make butter! Do you know how long it keeps for? We use so little with just 2 of us here. Thanks for the step-by-step :-)

  2. My guess is that it keeps as long as your store bought butter. You can also freeze butter. The first time I made it I used one of those little 1 cup food choppers. That might be a good choice for you if you only want to make a small amount. I'm sure Donkey would eat the extra ;)

  3. Brilliant idea! I hate the tub butter we buy and my kids use it a lot on toast. A LOT. What a fabulous project idea for my boys, too...

  4. Ohhh, I can totally do this so I think I shall. Adding heavy cream to the grocery list now.

  5. Candance- ohh girlfriend..on some buttermilk biscuits! I'm going to keep putting up seemingly difficult down home projects and how-to steps for any challenged (me) person.

  6. Yeah, that's how I roll. heehee