Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Impact..Day 3

I knew a few days ago I would not be able to do this particular challenge as well as I would've liked.  The timing was all wrong and so was the weather.  Today's challenge was Transportation and Take Action.

I was thwarted in the transportation part because today was Market Day and the weather was out to get me.  Let me write you a picture...

I have mentioned that I live in the country.  Eight miles exactly from the edge of town.  Those eight miles are a dangerous, trecherous journey of hills, narrow shoulders, and drivers who think they're in the General Lee. 

Let's add to this that it was raining and I'm new at riding my bike in traffic again.  I had visions of wiping out and sliding through intersections.  Plus, it was freaking cold just standing still.  I wasn't about to add wind speed. 

Most of you also know that I have a booth at the local farmer's market.  This requires me to drag a 6 foot folding table around, not to mention all my fabulous wares that I sell.  In my ignorance I just couldn't fathom how I would strap a 6 foot table to my bike without looking like an airplane and thus causing other drivers to crash into each other from staring at me thus making me lose control and go sliding through the intersection. 

Taking public transportation was out of the question also because of the table issue and there doesn't seem to be any public transportation either.  I did succeed at the lowest level of participation, which was to group all errands together on one day and drive the shortest, most efficient route.  Yea me.  And since I rode my bike to the store the other day, I'm going to count that.  I will also try to get a pic of my bike up tomorrow.

The other part of the challenge was Take Action.  It suggests taking part in their approved choices of organizations and notifying your congressman or senator about unclean air and water.  I did not like these choices.  I made up my own choice. 

Part of the purpose of this whole experiment is learning to make things better in your own community.  So shouldn't that be where you participate, at your local community level?  I organized my own event for tomorrow evening.  I thought it might be very helpful to have people meet who are doing the No Impact Week, already living their life by these standards, or those who need a few tips and a little encouragement to make that transition of less wasteful/more resourceful.  I contacted the owner of a well known coffeehouse/live music/people ride their bikes place.  He saw me and said, "I know you!  I buy your stuff at the market."  So I've got free meeting space once a week if I want.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Tomorrow's challenge:  Food

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