Sunday, April 4, 2010

Things are growing...

Sometimes I feel like things take forever and no progress is made. Ever so slowly are our steps taken. Last October my Dad moved down here and Rowan was very shy around him. To the point of being rude. I thought perhaps she would always be distant towards him. We went to lunch the other day and I caught this pic. Her first time walking with him and holding his hand. So maybe that connection is growing.

Dad still continues to stress me out. For example...while riding in the car he talks about how he drove around looking for our old house and just couldn't find it. He tried on several occasions. Maybe 4. He still couldn't find it. Maybe it's not there. Oh alright Father! We'll drive by so you can see it does exist because I like to tell you about made up houses I pretended to live in. Sheesh. We drive by. Oh look, I'm not lying. This is where I get any OCD tendencies.

Here is Onslo my sweet, slightly neurotic, chiweenie. Tiny. Manageable. Runs like the wind. This is what happens to you if you stay still long enough. Rowan will come and cover you with dish towels and put you to bed. His patience is growing.

These are pics of the garden growing. Beans and peas.


Corn, sunflowers, and lettuce.

Water feature.


The end to this wonderul post. I went outside this morning. Think of cool air, birds softly chirping. The cat walking with me. The grass heavy with last night's rain and getting the edges of my pants wet. The wildflowers will not last much longer. The grass gets tall. They'll get mowed. I collected these beauties. Then I heard the neighbor yelling F this and F that. My understanding that they are morons is growing.

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