Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Strep Throat and Other Diseases of the Mind

It’s been a difficult few days around here. Rowan is sick. The doctor confirmed that it is strep throat. And if you know Rowan then you know that she is not the typical sick child. She is amazingly…energetic, except for every 4 hours when the Tylenol or Motrin wears off. (please don’t write and tell me Motrin is every 6 hours. I know. Blogs are not always completely factual)

Rowan and I went to CVS and picked up her medicine. She literally jumped around the store. Boing boing boing. While I tell the employees that she is deathly ill and highly contagious, please do not get near her. Boing boing boing. (I also bought 10 cans of tuna fish because it’s on sale for .49!)

I called my Dad to let him know we won’t be having lunch tomorrow. And if he gets sick in the near future it’s because he came over on Sunday. He probably hung up and asked himself, “why is she doing this to me? Every time I go over there I get sick from that child.”

We’re home now and she can’t go to school till Thursday. What will I do with all that time? A) Go out of my mind because she’s going to drive me crazy. B) Do housework. C) Mow the yard, again. D) Watch hours and hours of The Office. E) Come up with new projects. F) Drive my friends crazy.

Now you’re asking yourself what other diseases of the mind is she talking about? Soap and candles. Whenever Jace goes to a farmer’s market or craft fair he brings home these. And he says they are for me. But they’re not. He brought home one that has cornmeal in it and the label says, “for those that like it a little rough in the bath.” Hmmm…

We read a book about making your own bath soap. Glycerin soap is really easy. You can get everything at Hobby Lobby. It is another area I don’t really have an interest in, though.

An activity that I do like is mowing. Something about being outside and all the grass is uniform in length. Orderly. Anyway, if you remember there are rocks in my yard. Some of them stick out of the ground just enough to hurt a lawn mower. So that and the past week’s rain caused the untimely death of our lawn mower. Maybe just the rain…

Off we went to Walmart, where I got…a self-propelled mower. I love these. I had one before. They are heaven. (I had a picture but I was having blogging issues this morning thanks to probably not getting enough sleep because of the diseased Snoreblatt) Let me put it this way…You start it up, put it in drive, and just walk behind it. The motor will drown out any annoying noises, like “Mommy get me this. Mommy get me that. Mommy mommy mommy.”

I will get at least an hour of “quiet time” while mowing, which I will definitely need during this trying week.

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