Friday, April 9, 2010

Hints of the next post..

I just ran out of time. I wanted to put up a post. At the time there wasn't enough information. As usual, the information starts running in a landslide and then I have too much information to put in under my dwindling time constraints. So here's a few snippets that will be expanded on:

* The neighbor's shed mysteriously disappeared into the night. They got rid of it. I hope they'll replace it with something more brilliant. I mean that sarcastically. Otherwise subject matter lags.

* The other new neighbors, Medusa and Lucifer, have been approached by the local HOA. The old man said he lets the dogs run loose because he's right there to get them. Mr. HOA says, "I don't think so. There's too many kids and you never know when one will turn (the dog, not the kid). They have to be on a lead or fenced in. Told you I was gonna win this.

* Finally, I have told Rowan she will be getting a party. We were going to have one before last year and let's just say there was some poor planning and it didn't happen. So this year I'm in charge. I decided this an hour ago and I already have the whole thing mapped out in my head. I've got price quotes, furniture placement, guest list, supplies, food, cakes, and fun. Total fun, right?

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