Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today I checked out this book from the public library. I skimmed through it at the time and thought it could be useful. When I got home and took a good look at it...Wow! This is a great book. While loading the dishwasher Jace asks, "oh yeah, does it have a dishwasher soap recipe?" "Why yes it does. And we have everything for it." So we tried it. 1 Tablespoon Washing Soda and 1 Tablespoon Borax. Worked. Washing Soda, Borax, and vinegar are my new best friends. This book has recipes for foods, beauty products, home remedies, pet care, cleaning products and gardening. It can be found on Amazon by typing the word "Homemade" in the search box. I will be getting this book.

The fun of doing things yourself is that you get to cuss a lot feel proud of your accomplishments. With Rowan's party coming up I figured I should build a screen type thing in front of the compost pile or the little vermin will no doubt want to play in it. It has child drawing magnetic powers.

I highly recommend drawing out plans on paper first. The second thing I usually do is sleep on it. Not the paper, just think over your plans.

And by some dumb stroke of luck your finished product will look exactly like your drawing. I will get teased about how OCD this picture is.

Here is Rowan convalescing on her last day home with strep throat. I'm an evil mother who made her get fresh air. The next day we kicked her out of the house and made her go to school.

Here we are playing "let's have the same hair style."

Another homemade thing happening is Jace made soap. It's still in the drying (curing) stage. We have 17 bars of soap now. A couple of lucky peeps here are going to get to test some soap for us. Jace is really happy about his soap...but he's gonna be in a LOT of trouble if he doesn't quit bugging me with the WifiTouchpad app! Ahem.. (big trouble Jace)

Here is a picture of a sunflower we're growing. It's now over 3 feet tall. It's taller than Rowan, which boggles her mind. She's amazed. Jace tells her he's going to feed her to the sunflower if she gets in trouble one more time. I think it's supposed to grow to 6 feet tall.

(I'm still setting up the aquaponics so I'm postponing that post a little longer.)

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  1. I love the matchy-matchy pic:) cute. Congrats Jace on the soap! (i think she really means it;P )