Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pre-Race Ramblings

Well, as we all know, since I've been drilling it relentlessly into everyone, tomorrow is race day.  Tonight is when I get to feel nervous and fret.  I've decided to make a list of all the worst things I can come up with and maybe it'll help me have courage not be a sissy

*  I don't know what you're supposed to eat the night before a race, but I'm betting it's not powdered doughnuts and milk. 

*  I've never actually run...outside...on the ground...where people are staring at me.

*  What if it's uphill and downhill?  Or a squirrelly pebble that I slip on.

*  What if I run 10 steps and feel completely exhausted and have to walk the rest of the way?  And people are staring.

*  What if something itches in a spot that it's not ladylike to scratch in public?  And it starts right when I start the race. 

*  What if I have to use the restroom?  I'll look so stupid stopping and ducking into a skid-o-can. 

*  What if I don't get enough water?  Does one fall to the side when fainting?  Hopefully not onto my face. 

*  Lastly, I really hope my running does not resemble something that looks like a seizure and people send the paramedics out to rescue that poor lady having a fit.  Hurry or she'll swallow her tongue!


  1. That's hilarious! It couldn't possibly get that bad, so it has to go better than expected!

  2. Will- Thanks for your support! No plagues have befallen me overnight so things look good already.

  3. Good luck today! I'm sure you'll be fine. And remember, you are RUNNING for YOU. Not for anyone else. Be proud of how fast you are or aren't and how in shape you are to attempt this!! I couldn't do it. That's for sure...

  4. Tracey- THANKYOU! I did finish and it helped to "voice" my exaggerated fears. I read somewhere that it was a helpful thing to do because I could say, "well, so what if that happens, it's not a big deal." I think it worked.