Friday, January 27, 2012

What's the Buzz?

Since it's almost the end of January I figured it was time to pop in and give some progress updates.

I was looking for something one day and came across the public library web site.  There I noticed an interesting, and free, class.  It met several of my lofty criteria:  I wasn't doing anything then, it's only a month long, and it's something I know nothing about but like might to try.  The class was Introduction to Beekeeping!

For the last month once a week I've been trekking down to the library and learning about queens, workers, and lazy boy drones.  Drones like to sit around the house all day and eat all the food, don't do a lick of work, and leave the toilet seat up.  But you want to know about the stinging.

Of course there's the low high probability of getting stung...if I don't take precautions.  Things like wearing the big white suit and getting the neighbors to gossip about what I am doing.  All in all it was a good class.  I will be getting a hive going but not for a few months.  This means there will be no honey this year but that's o.k.

I haven't seen any more classes on the library schedule that I want to take but that's o.k., too.  I've decided to learn German on my own.  That's for a post 18 months from now.  Yes, I have a post planned for 18 months from now.  And you thought you were organized.

Now you are also probably wondering about the garden.  Here's the latest pics.

 Winter Honeysuckle
 Atomic Red Carrots
 Mignonette Bronze lettuce
 Green Onions
 Cabbage...or Cauliflower...oops
 Leaf lettuce
 Collard Greens
 Found growing in the yard.  Must've dropped a few seeds.
 Swiss Chard
  Micro Greens in back and more lettuce in front.

Last but not least.  An easy way to personalize your tea.  This is hot Rooibos tea with honey and frozen cranberries.

 Auf Wiedersehen!

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  1. I have itty bitty baby plants on my windowsill, just waiting for the winter to give up and spring to get its act together....