Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Planting Day

In my journey to become a halfway decent gardener I decided to make a plan.  I sat down with all my wonderful seeds and cataloged them in which order to grow them.  This is serious grown up gardening.  I planned and plotted on the calendar and looked up last frost dates. 

So todayish was the day to start planting things for the 8-10 week mark.  I have added a little extra time for some things because my plants are always pokey.  I don't know why and a lot of the time I think I would be a natural at Bonzai gardening.  I'm great at growing things in miniature.  Except the year before when I had the stupendous season of tomatoes. 

Yes, gardening is hard.  I won't lie.  The ads you see on t.v. are all lying.  Don't be fooled.  It is not easy and if I had to survive on only my garden I would get to eat one meal per week. 

But this year will be different!  This year I will have glorious blog entries of mammoth vegetables.  They won't even fit into the picture frame they will be so huge!  All because I have a plan this year.

First up I started 3 seeds indoors.  Calendula, eggplant, and orange bell peppers.

I'm planting these in my compost mixture with the rabbit poo mixed in.  And no, it doesn't smell.  It looks like this...

Afterwards, I spent another hour planting, raking, and watering  these lettuce, mustard greens, and carrot seeds.

According to my master plan I don't have to plant anything else until the middle of February.  By then all these seeds should probably have reached their maximum growth and I'll be watering them with my tears of failure.

~The Pessimistic Gardener


  1. OMG, I am doing the same thing! Grown-up gardening this year, for sure! I have drawn everything out, laid out a to-do list month by month, and have a spring, summer, and fall harvest planned. It's all in my first ever garden journal. Doing it right this time!

  2. Very proud of you! Garden away! Pessimistic or not, it's a life affirming act to plant a seed! I'll be checking in on how you're doing. Great blog! Saw you on MJF.