Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Obligatory Spring Post

I know you are probably wondering how No Poo is going.  Well, let me tell you...I caved!  I caved like a big...thing that caves.  Let me take you back.  Last Friday I did the baking soda wash and I got my ratio wrong and used too much (I think) baking soda.  The hair was icky.  I had to be somewhere Saturday and no way was I going without good hair.  So I washed with shampoo...It felt so wrong and so right at the same time.  Herbal Essences was telling me what a failure I was.  I was telling it to shut up and lather or I'd be switching to its' arch rival Garnier. 

An interesting development is noting that I haven't had to wash my hair since.  That's weird.  4 days.  Smells good.  Looks good.  Oh, I will wash it.  I will try not using shampoo again.  We'll catch up on this later.

Someone has decided that their true name is now She-Ra, Princess of Power...mmm hmm.

That's a gun holster in case you're wondering.

We're also eagerly anticipating spring. We're working hard (me, not so much) at tilling the soil and getting the gardens ready. Here's what we found the other day...

Total throw up.  These are grubs.  What you can't tell in the pics is that they are 3 inches long and fatter than your finger. 

Obviously I asked Jace if he wanted to become a locavore.  Rowan just screamed like a little girl.  What a sissy.  I was standing many yards away using the zoom lens.  

Spring is here.  And it's a big, fat worm.


  1. And suddenly, I am that much less inclined to turn over that patch of ground I've been meaning to turn into a garden for the past 5 years.


    The no Poo thing: I wash my hair about every 3 days. It usually looks GREAT (so modest) because I don't use any product in it. Well, great as in "not greasy" not great as in "Wow, you have model-beautiful hair!" But it's not greasy. So. There you go. That's of no use to you...

  2. Tracey- I do love your comments. This one is actually useful. Advertisers would love for us to all wash our hair every day and use more of their product. They try really hard to make us feel bad if we don't. So it's nice to hear what real people are actually doing. As for the grubs, we live in the country and it magically makes everything bigger. For some reason I'm always surprised by this.

  3. Does She-Ra Princess of Power realize she can carry a plastic hammer in her gun holster? That's pretty ingenious. She can fight crime and build a dog house at the same time.

  4. Sandra- I think that's what her mom wishes she could do. Love your blog!