Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Code Class Is Killing Me

Remember when the weather was all yucky and we were in the middle of that thing called winter?  Well, I was really bored and reading my email.  Between the intriguing mail about finding local forklift operators and meeting my true love Nigerian prince, I had an email for a code class.  It was from a known source.

I vaguely remember reading it, thinking it couldn't be that hard if it was free.  It would probably reinforce my use of the strike through symbols that people love to see so much.  Especially repeatedly.  I think there may be a strike through anonymous group for those who can't help themselves from using it.  All. The. Time.  Stop it.

Last week I received my "Welcome to this unbelievably beginner class.  It's so easy that we're teaching it in kindergarten."  I clicked the sign in link and put my little registration info and password in.   How hard could this be?

The window (or is it a screen?) opened up with the course curriculum.  Holy. Cow.  I have homework.  And Tests?! 

This week I'm to read through 2 lessons, do my homework (with or without the extra credit), and take a short quiz if I'm "feelin lucky."  I am not.  Why, do you ask?

6 hours after starting the Introduction page.  You read that right.  Six hours after working on the introduction page I was hopelessly stuck.  I wrote the instructorbot.  No reply.  The husband was no help.  "Oh you'll figure it out."  It's like a bad dream where everyone speaks calculus and you keep saying, "I haven't even taken addition yet."  But when you say it it just sounds like, "sllf''s sojfoa ffd! lol fjkepp, right?" 

The problem was I had two files that I needed to use but I couldn't get them open.  I looked for a program to open them but they all wanted $29.95 to do that for me.  I had just about given up when I was reading a review for the updated browser I'm using.  In the comments someone said they didn't know why they had posted that baby screen shot, it wasn't necessary.

Hold up.  I don't have that baby screen shot on my puter.  Where is it?  So I reread and found it was in the Tools section.  Just like a...hmmm...I was going to say just like a man to leave the tools in the toolbox, but around here the man leaves his tools all over the house. 

I open the toolbox and then drag and drop those two files and like magic they open up.  I was so humbly thankful.  This means that part of my class will not be spent taking a sledge hammer to the computer.  I also had visions of throwing it out the window.

My lessons and homework this week have to do with learning HTML and CSS, which is not nearly as fun as CSI.  I'm currently working on my homework which consists of

  • 3 paragraphs

  • and must include

  • the HTML and CSS stuff the lessons covered.

    Basically, this blog works as a great editor to see if the tags I write are in the right place and the web page will look right.  You'll be seeing some experimentation and little bleebloop tech stuff.  You know, like strike throughs, bullet points, paragraphs, and highlighted sections in big fonts with emphasis.

    Thanks for putting up with it.  I hope it will eventually improve the look of my page.  Unless of course you happen to see my Nigerian prince on a forklift.  Please send him my way and I'll just pay someone to fix my page with the inheritance money.


    1. Brian- All of us do things everyday we would consider Kindergarten Stuff, that others would NEVER be able to do. Unless, you're saying you DO want to do Hell Run with me... :D

    2. You are confusing me and my exhausted brain. Why do you do this?