Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cost Saving Tip and Homemade Arthritis Ointment

Even though that title sounds incredibly boring, there's two important pieces of information I want to pass on.

Last week I decided we needed some more vegetable storage space.  The crisper box wasn't cutting it since we've increased our vegetable and fruit buying.  The stuff just won't fit.  Instead of being a good homemaker vegetable lady and storing the vegetables cut up and in prim and proper bags, I just threw them in the fridge.  Well, as so often happens, I'd get lazy and not feel creative in my cooking.  By the end of a week those vegetables were looking pretty sad, if not angry and threatening to riot.  So in the compost they would go. 

One day I thought if I got an extra storage bin then maybe those vegetables would last a little longer.  It turns out that's true.  I bought vegetables last week and they are still looking fresh as daisies.  This is going to save me a lot of money.

Now for the homemade arthritis ointment.  It might be good on aches and pains, too.  Starting last fall I noticed some twangs in my knuckles.  It wasn't enough to limit my activities.  Just a gnawing soreness.  It's persisting through the winter.  I decided to research for some home cures.

I came across this recipe:  2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.  I put it into the jar and stirred and stirred and stirred some more.  It did not want to blend.  I still applied some and it really did work.  I left it alone for an hour and when I came back it looks like it's starting to blend on its own.  Oh sure, you'll have a little vinegar smell (very little) but the soreness is all gone!  This recipe will give you 2 ounces.


  1. I've always wondered about those crisper boxes. I'm glad they work. I think I'll be picking one up now.

    Regarding the apple cider vinegar, did you ever read the book from Patricia Bragg on the topic? Apparently you can also drink it for arthritis pain too. You would simply dilute a tablespoon in a big glass of water. Worth a try since you already have some.

    I don't have arthritis but I have sore hands from all the work I do. I put eucalyptus (sp??) essential oil and peppermint oil (3:1 ratio) in with some regular oil (coconut is perfect for this) and rub it on the sore spots.

    I'm glad someone out there likes coconut oil as much as I do :0)

  2. Marnie, I didn't know Patricia had a book. I will definitely look for it. I already use ACV in my hair and if the coconut oil and ACV doesn't work out I can always use it for hair conditioner. I like the peppermint and coconut oil combination, too.

    And yes, coconut oil is one of the best things you can put on or in your body.